What is the CleverDo App?

CleverDo is a clever app that allows you to spend, save and transfer money all over the world using a virtual International Bank Account Number (IBAN). 

Our aim at CleverDo is to build an online ecosystem to incorporate all of your day-to-day digital needs.

Say Hello to the CleverDo App!

In the future, CleverDo will provide you with a single login and password that will give you access to many of your daily transactions and operations on one streamlined platform, eliminating the need for jumping back and forth from one app to another.

It will also significantly reduce the amount of storage used on your device compared to many single-function apps.

Our plans for the future of CleverDo will bring our users;

  • Physical Mastercard accounts for cash withdrawals and contactless payments
  • The opportunity to exchange your cryptocurrency for FIAT money to add to your IBAN account
  • Financial Services - Such as savings and pensions
  • Shopping - Take advantage of our cashback system
  • Bill and utility payments
  • Travel services
  • Ticket purchase services - Concerts, theatre, cinema and more!
  • Social media - All of your favourite platforms in one place
  • Entertainment - Music, movie and T.V. streaming services 

The brilliant thing about CleverDo is the more you use your account the more you will save! 

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