Who is CleverDo?

CleverDo Payment Technologies Ltd. is based in Canada and is the creator of the CleverDo App.

At present, we offer our users:

  • A virtual International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for your income to be paid into.
  • CleverWorld global remittance service, allowing you to send money to over 100 countries in 60+ currencies.
  • The CleverEurope SEPA transfer service for you to make and receive payments, to and from, countries all over Europe.
  • CleverPay for instant transfers to family and friends using the CleverDo App, free with the CleverDo Smart plan.
  • CleverFX to convert your Bitcoin into Euros. This is a solution provided to our users via the third-party service NACE. You can also follow this link to convert your Bitcoin to Euros using Nace. https://cleverdo.app/cleverfx/
  • Online support.
For more information visit www.cleverdo.app

For more information on CleverDo´s fees, please click on the link below:


As time moves on you will have access to more CleverDo features which we will keep you updated on via our newsletter as we build on our financial services.

Begin your journey with CleverDo today!  

For updates and news on upcoming products and services follow us on Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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